Minimalism — Live a meaningful life


I’ve been hearing this word since I was 21, but this word or this concept didn’t appeal to me that much then.

My thought on this concept was really shallow, less is more. STORY END.

I’ve been applying this concept in my life, I realize that this is a great concept and I will definitely share it with my close friends. Sharing is caring!

Make it simple and short, minimalism is the cutting down of all things that do not BRING ANY VALUE IN LIFE including touchable objects or even your thoughts. In short, It’s important to know what is important.

As I grow older and older, I realize life is really fragile and life is really short. If I wasn’t able to spend my life in a meaningful way, I will definitely feel a sense of regret at the end of the day.

When I realized that time is limited, I started to choose to do things with a purpose and to do it with aim. For example, I invest my time to do things that will improve myself or bring me joy.

With that said, I’ve decided not only to do things that I wanted to but also decided to not to own something or do something that I don’t want.

How does one start practicing minimalism?

I can’t force anyone to start to apply this concept in life unless they are ready to apply it. Or maybe I should put it in this way, I don’t use the word “minimalism”. Maybe I should say that when people come to a certain age in life, perspectives changes, those things that used to be their priorities are no longer their priorities. When they started to reflect on their life and revalue what their top priorities in their life are, they will gradually say no to or spend less time on those unnecessary things and thoughts.

Like I said in the beginning, they will only apply when they are ready.

p.s I am still learning about life

Sharing some of my rules:

1. Declutter your items which is not a necessity. There are more objects in your environment that actually cause you to think about something else. If there are fewer objects, the mind is clearer. The same goes for your things in your laptop, car, and also your network.

2. Shop for quality, not quantity; stop buying promotion items because it is just a game of sellers to play with your mind in order to trigger your purchase behavior. Even if the items are on 80% discount, you’re still spending 20% (The number in the bank account is getting lesser,

3. Purchasing rule — “cost per day”. Try to see how much your purchased items cost per day. Let’s say a Merz costs MYR 100k. If the product lifespan or years to hold is 5 years, you are actually spending MYR 54.7 per day. The cost does not yet include maintenance and gas fees. What’s more, sometimes, the car won’t be used for a day or even a week. That means you’re wasting MYR54.7 per day. Of course, if people like cars and want to invest in them and it brings them joy. That’s fine. Let’s imagine a person who bought a car by installment without using it daily, some bags, a few electronics items, some kitchen electronics and etc. How much are they spending in total per day? Actually, it is quite a lot. In accounting, this is called OPEX.

4. Be selective in choosing what to absorb. The world is bombarded by information — fake or real, others’ feedback, and energy released by others which possibly will drain our energy without our notice. In fact, we should actively choose to absorb what is important and choose to ignore

Yuppie! Pretty much that’s it! Wish everyone is enjoying their every single day!


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